An open brief commission, to create a digital artwork for the lobby of the Pfizer office space in Sydney.

The interactive work consists of three separate scenes that combine to form a triptych that embodies a larger narrative.

As guests and staff enter the lobby they are presented with a large video wall that responds to their proximity to the screen. Each piece culminates in a final reveal if the viewer chooses to venture close enough to the screen. 


Film Composer Ryan Walsh commissioned this work for the premiere release of his debut E.P. under the moniker SSANDA.

Through web scraping & cataloguing, the concept was to make an intensified homage to the classic observational films Koyaanisqatsi & Baraka.

Manipulating & reanimating modern collective media into a kaleidoscopic collation that races along an abstract narrative thread. 

Thank you to all the lovely people that helped along the way. 

Bearing West 4 Eva

A reactive video Art installation in which the viewer triggers a skateboarder to push by kicking their finger on a touch sensor.

The promotional video documents the operation and installation of the work along with its online counterpart.

View the online version here.

Go West! 

ahr pee yair rah

Animation commissioned by Rebel Waltz Films as an interstitial in the documentary 

‘El Mar, Mi Alma’  

ahr pee yair rah is an adaptation of the Chilean artform of  Arpillera; an appliqued type of tapestry made from scrap material, developed as a form of art therapy during the traumatic period of the military dictatorship in Chile.

Directed by Dexter Davey and Mark Dawson 

Score by Ives Sepulveda Minho of The Holydrug Couple


An abstracted documentation on the idea that sidewalk gum can be seen as a type of historical and genetic marker.

Physical interventions, photography, observational text and a short film lead us to the anthropological questions on the ways in which we leave our mark as a society.

A mixed media investigation presented in an online exhibit here.

Score by Ryan Walsh.